Kerri's Favorite Bachelor and Bachelorette Quotes

“This is making us horrible people.”

Spoken by Troy my kind and decent neighbor-friend as we viciously critique each woman. Yes, Troy, it seems self-evident that berating young (and not so young) women who are being objectified on numerous levels of indecency is not nice. But, I love that you point it out. And I love that even you can’t drag yourself away from it sometimes.

It don’t make no say-unse”.

Spoken with the southern drawl of one Ms. Deanna Pappas, bachelorette for whom I (Like Brad apparently) had minimal affection. This poor little darling whose story was integral in moving us all forward to this point in Bachelor history could not wrap her mind around the concept that someone (Brad) could honestly spend once a week or so with her for 8 weeks or so only to come out on the other side somehow un-in-love. She could have said “this makes me sad” or maybe “It hurts so bad” I could even get with the old break-up standby “why are you doing this to me” but to bring this response to the level of non-sense—that which is illogical and even unimaginable, seems obnoxiously naive or self-involved or both. For this reason, it is one of my all time favorite Bachelor-related quotes.

Ok, I don’t remember the next quote verbatim,

but I l-uh-oved the response this season when poor, sweet, Brad (who by the way has NEVER cheated on a girl--I’m talking not even in eighth grade kissed another girl type fidelity) tried to bring a shred of decent behavior to this round of the Bachelor by expressing his discomfort with the conveyer belt of female tongue before him on every step of this completely legitimate, faithfulness still-in-tact endeavor, and was then quickly brought back to reality (the T.V. kind, not the real kind) with a thunderous, “go forth and make-out speech”. Never you mind the therapist’s duties to help promote healthy boundaries, set realistic goals, or to give honest feedback. Right now his ethical duty is to the fine people of this nation, who will only truly be able to grasp how deep, wide and unchanging Brad’s love is through frequent, sloppy, back to back smooches. Makes me so proud as someone in the mental health field. Keep up the not-so-good but totally entertaining work you L.A. Life Coach Extraordinaire.